Mechanical Repair

Our technical team provides the ultimate in skilled mechanical repair.

Toyota Textile Machinery has a technical team that are skilled in the field of mechanical repairs with many years of experience.

We specialize in the mechanical parts repair of:

Air Jet Models:

  • L52OO
  • L53OO
  • L54OO
  • JAT6OO
  • JAT61O
  • JAT71O
  • JAT81O
  • JAT910

Water Jet Models:

  • LW52
  • LW541
  • LW551
  • LW55X
  • LW601
  • LWT71O
  • LWT810


  • Feeder Solenoid Pin
  • Cutter Blade Sharpening
  • Feed Roller
  • Complete Feeder Repair
  • Sub Nozzle Calibration & Cleaning
  • Air Regulator
  • Transducer

Toyota has specialized equipment used for the repairs and testing to assure the highest quality in workmanship.

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