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LWT810 Water Jet Loom

Innovation for the Future. Reliability From the Past. The New Toyota LWT810 Water Jet Loom For TODAY.

The LWT810 Water Jet Loom enhances the productivity and the quality with the latest technology advancements that customers expect from Toyota while achieving the highest energy savings to protect our environment.

High Quality and Improved Productivity
Offering a short stroke and extending weft insertion time has allowed drastic improvements to high-speed operation and enhanced quality while placing minimum strain on the yarn.

Operability and Support
The new function panel offers the latest in electronic technology advancements and troubleshooting including enhanced visibility, improved machine operation functionality, and handling.

Factory Management 
New factory management system, based on the Toyota Monitoring System (TMS), offers an increased management level of productivity and quality in real-time by displaying shift reports, actual factory floor layout, and operation status in various formats.

Installation Dimensions

Machine Dimensions

Negative cam Crank Positive cam Dobby
Machine Width (W) 1C (BLD) R/S+1799 R/S+1544 R/S+1544 R/S+1544
2C R/S+2029 R/S+1774 R/S+1774 R/S+1774
Depth (D) 1805 1805 1805 1805
Height (H) 1966 1966 2295 2332
(Note 1) The dimensions shown apply to the following specifications:
1. R/S 170 to 280
2. Yarn beam flange diameter: 800
3. Max. roll diameter: 520

(Note 2) Dimensions may differ depending on the required specification.
Please contact us final confirmation of size.

Machine Specifications

Item Standard specifications
Drive Super-fast start-up motor
Start, stop, forward / reverse slow motion
Activated by push-button operation
Solenoid-brake stoppage
Automatic compensation for fixed-position stops
Beating Two-sided crank drive with oil bath
Multiple short sleysword
Let-off Electronic Let-off Motion
Negative-easing double back rollers
Take-up Mechanical take-up motion
Flat cloth line
Weft Insertion Flange-type pressurized pump
Adjustable ring nozzle
Auto pick finder
Temple Lower cover temple
Stop Mark Prevention Selectable main motor start-up
Selectable stop / startup angle
Adjustable let-off amount
Fell forward
Selvage Planetary-gear leno type (enclosed gears)
Waste Selvage Waste selvage on the right with catch cord
Water Extraction Circulating-flow steam-separator type (moisture-removal tank)
Energy-saving high-pressure blower
Cutter Mechanical cutter
Stop Motion Leno selvage and waste salvage stop motion
IR Feeler
LED 4-color signal lamp
Lubrication Oil-bath lubrication method for main parts, grease supply method
Main Controls Large 12-inch interactive touchscreen color function panel
32-bit CPU & function panel
Fiber-optic and Ethernet LAN communications network
Function Panel 24-hour / weekly efficiency graphs, beam and cloth
prediction, standardized condition automatic set up (CS)
Displays individual stop causes
Weavers monitor
New Weaving Assist System (WAS)
Main Options
  • Intelligent Take-Up Controller (ITC)
  • w-ATC
  • ABS
  • Tensioner
  • w-IFC
  • Automatic Bobbin Change
  • Balloon cover
  • Electronic Take-up Motion with Density Variable Method
  • Slanted Cloth Line
  • Weft Breakage Detector
  • Air Pull-Back Device
  • Independent Catch Cord Shedding
  • Fully Automated Centralized Lubrication
  • Speed Control Inverter
  • Pump for High-Speed Insertion and Wide Width Weaving
  • Toyota Total Computer System (Internet TTCS)
  • Toyota Monitoring System (TMS)
Item Variations
Designated reed width (R/S) 170 cm, 190 cm, 210 cm, 230 cm, 280 cm
Beating Super-short stroke
ML beating
Beating Positive-easing double back rollers
(Front / rear adjustable position)
Yarn Beam Dia. 800
Dia. 914
Dia. 1,000
Temple Full width temple
Shedding Negative cam (max. capacity 10 frames)
Crank (max. capacity 6 frames)
Dobby (max. capacity 16 frames)
Weft Insertion Single pump
Double pump
Length Measurement BLD measurement
Roller feeder with speed control

Toyota Factory Management System (FACT)
1) For further details and information concerning other combinations of options and variations, please contact Toyota or your Toyota representative.
2) Drawings, data, and photograph which appear in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.

For countries outside the U.S., please click the below link to reach an agent in your area.



    New Beating Motion

    Enhanced beating motion can achieve higher versatility weaving for high-quality textiles.

    New Function Panel

    The larger 12-inch panel provides simple and easy operability with a strong graphical presentation.

    Multi-Link Crank Shedding

    Toyota original crank shedding with dwell angle is ideal for weaving densely woven fabrics.

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