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As the best-selling air jet loom, the JAT series looms are used by customers all around the world.

Based on the JAT concept “Weaving the highest quality fabric at the lowest possible cost”, Toyota has embodied the desire to continue developing together with our customers while grasping the needs that change with time. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the creation of a prosperous future through our air jet looms.

Machine Specifications

Item Standard Equipment
  • Super-fast start-up motor
  • Start stop, forward/reverse slow motion activated by push-button operation
  • Two-sided crank drive with oil bath
  • Electronic let-off motion
  • Positive easing, double back rollers (adjustable forward/back position)
  • Electronic take-up motion
  • Upper cover temple (lower mounted)
Weft Insertion
  • Electric drum pooling (EDP)
  • Conical tandem nozzle
  • High-propulsion main nozzle
  • High-efficiency tapered sub nozzles
  • New super-responsive solenoid valves
  • Main and Sub tanks with direct connection to valves
  • High efficiency air piping and sub regulator
  • Automatic pick controller for main air pressure (EPCm)
  • Air pressure and consumption monitor fucntion (P-monitor)
  • Intelligent Air Saving System (AS)
  • Left/right rotary full-leno selvage device
Waste Selvage
  • Waste selvage on the right with catch cord
Stop Motion
  • Electric warp stop motion
  • Leno-selvage & waste-selvage break stop motion
  • Reflecting weft detector (double weft detector)
  • Oil bath lubrication system for main parts
  • Fully automated centralized lubricator
Main Control
  • 32-bit multi core CPU & real time OS
  • High-speed Ethernet communication network
Function Panel Features
  • Large 12-inch interactive touchscreen color function panel
  • Instruction manual on function panel by cooperation with FACT
  • Trouble shooting function
  • 24-hour & weekly efficiency graphs
  • Doffing/warp out forecast
  • Automatic Initial Condition Setting (ICS)
  • Intelligent Filling Controller (IFC)
  • Weave Assist System (WAS)
  • Four-color LED signal lamp
  • Stop-Mark Prevention and adjustment support system
  • Power outage stop function
Main Options
  • Speed Control Inverter (SC Inverter)
  • Hybrid braking system
  • Multi Link beating
  • Twin-Beam System
  • Double-Beam System
  • Intelligent Take-Up Controller (ITC)
  • Automatic Weft Brake System (ABS)
  • Automatic Pick Controller for main/sub air pressure (EPC)
  • i-SENSOR
  • Air Gripper System (AGS)
  • New thread guide for stretch yarn
  • Balloon Cover
  • Electric Drum Pooling with Weft Separation
  • Multi-Tandem Nozzle
  • Automatic Insertion Command (AIC)
  • JAT e-REED (air-saving reed)
  • Flexible Insertion System (FIS)
  • Toyota Automatic Pick Operator (TAPO)
  • Electronic Selvage Motion (ESM)
  • 2-Thread Half-Leno Selvage Device
  • Tuck-In Selvage Device (left/right and center)
  • Center Selvage Device
  • Independent Selvage Motion (ISM)
  • Warp Breakage Area Indicator (with 6 or 12 divisions)
  • Toyota Total Computer System (Internet-TTCS)
  • Toyota Factory Management System (FACT)

Item Variations
Nominal Reed Space (R/S) 140 cm, 150 cm, 170 cm, 190 cm, 210 cm, 230 cm, 250 cm, 260 cm, 280 cm, 300 cm, 340 cm, 360 cm, 390 cm
  • Negative easing, double back roller (adjustable up/down position)
Yarn Beam Flange Diameter 800 mm, 930 mm, 1000 mm, 1100 mm, 1250 mm (pile beam for terry machines)
  • Lower cover temple
  • Full-width temple
  • Negative cam shedding (max 8 shafts)
  • Positive cam shedding (max 10 shafts)
  • Crank shedding (max 6 shafts)
  • C-Shed (maximum 6 shafts)
  • E-Shed (maximum 16 shafts)
  • Dobby shedding (maximum of 16 shafts) Note: Towel loom: maximum 20 shafts
  • Jacquard shedding
Weft Insertion
  • Supports up to 8 colors (2-color, 4-color, 6-color, and 8-color pick-at-will)
Stop Motion
  • Penetrating weft detector
1) For further details and information concerning other combinations of options and variations, please contact Toyota or your Toyota representative.
2) Drawings, data, and photographs that appear in this catalog are subject to change without prior notice.

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    Toyota introduces the “i-SENSOR” weft insertion system. The world’s first weft sensing technology that detects weft insertion timing as the yarn is passing in REAL TIME. The system then recommends proper adjustments of insertion timings to improve overall loom performance.

    4th Generation E-shed

    Toyota’s original E-shed technology has evolved since its launch in 2000. The 4th generation E-shed model offers further energy savings by optimizing the shedding control movement and introduces a new function that allows customers to weave challenging fabrics at high speed.


    The original FACT system has evolved with the JAT910 into “FACT-plus” with improved factory automation functions. FACT-plus supports smooth factory operations by making optimal proposals to machines and operators to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

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